Saturday, May 02, 2009


Mallorca has an impressive wealth of landscapes. As a result, the walks in the mountains, coast and plains reveal magnificent nature sceneries that will impress hikers venturing onto the island’s trails.
Most walking routes are located in the Tramuntana Mountains, on the northeastern coast of Mallorca. There you will enjoy the best views, the most spectacular streams and the highest mountains on the island with several peaks rising above 1,000 metres. The highest point is Puig Major at approximately 1,450 metres. The Llevant Mountains are also captivating. They are not as high and are more scattered than the Tramuntana mountains. But they certainly deserve a visit. Lastly, you can also walk along the coast, especially if you want to enjoy the peace and solitude of the beautiful virgin beaches hidden in the Mallorcan coast. Such is the case of the the Artà beaches, in the Llevant nature park, or a number of virgin beaches in the municipality of Manacor, among others. Also a pilgrimage to the monasteries in the area, like Lluc or Sant Salvador, will make a very interesting walk.

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