Thursday, August 19, 2010

The house of Katmandu

A Tibetan villa transferred to Mallorca is the setting of a new family attraction for people of all ages. House of Katmandu in Magaluf tells the history of the explorer Kilgore Goode in his search for the jewel of the Himalaya- a magical interactive adventure full of surprises for visitors. In the journey which lasts between one and two, the latest audiovisual techniques, complicated tricks and figures from the most fantastical myths and legends accompany you. This is a unique and entertaining attraction that is suitabl for all ages. you have to come and see it to believe it.

This is the most recent atraction in Majorca.

Open: 10.00 to 01.00 hours
Prices: 16.90 € (adults) & 10,90 € (children 3 to 12 years old)

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